Want Cash, not gifts??

I’ve noticed that many, many, MANY brides would prefer cash to actual gifts. So, what is proper etiquette in this department??? Well there a plenty of money/honeymoon fund registries you can put on your wedding website.  The other option, word of mouth. Here are some that are very good:


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2 Responses to Want Cash, not gifts??

  1. Dana says:

    Thank you for sharing Deposit a Gift with your readers! We agree, there really is no better gift of cash to spend as you wish. We hope your readers enjoy creating a registry with us…it can be anything from a honeymoon registry to a home down payment registry and anything in between. The important thing is to create a list so that friends and family have a sense for how you’ll use the money — they tend to get a lot more excited about bringing it to life for you when they feel a part of the story!

    I’m always available if anyone has questions about our service: dana [at] depositagift [dot] com

    Founder, DepositaGift.com

  2. Thank you for mentioning Traveler’s Joy!

    It is great to see how popular the honeymoon registry is becoming. The very first couple that registered with Traveler’s Joy was in 2004. It wasn’t long until we realized there were a large number of engaged couples that were not satisfied with the diversity of the traditional wedding registry market. Since then, the honeymoon registry has grown to become a mainstream option for brides and grooms and the industry has experienced significant growth.

    We are proud to have helped tens of thousands of couples honeymoon at destinations they may never have considered – a great feeling for our Members and the Traveler’s Joy team.

    I encourage you to contact us with any questions about our service.

    Most importantly, enjoy your honeymoon!

    Best Regards,
    Brandon Warner
    President & Co-founder
    Traveler’s Joy Honeymoon Registry
    Traveler’s Joy, Inc.
    Skip the blender. Register your honeymoon.

    Traveler’s Joy in the Press!
    Honeymoon Stories from our Members!

    *Honeymoon Registry Partner with WeddingChannel.com, The Knot, and WeddingWire*

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