Invite Etiquette

This subject can be very confusing. As with photography, this is an area in which time & research should be done. Mistakes can be embarrassing, even minor ones. Sometimes the invite is the first item your guests will know of your wedding. Also, envelopes should be either: hand-written, use of calligraphy or if saving time… printed on return labels. Follow a few simple rules to make a great first impression.

The outer envelope: more formal than the inner envelope and should be addressed with the title & full name of the guest(s).

1. Ms vs. Miss:

  • Miss = unmarried. Miss has no period as it is not an abbreviation for anything
  • Ms = only denotes the female gender without indicating marital status. Is also not an abbreviation for anything.
  • Misses or Mrs. = married. Both Misses & Mrs. are abbreviations for Mistress! Long ago, Mistress merely meant what a Mrs. does today, but as we all now know, it means something quite different today.

2. Titled guests: address the outer envelope with the persons title and full name. On the inner envelope, just the title and last name. Here are Titled guests.

  • Military
  • Doctor
  • Judge
  • Professor
  • Dean
  • Rabbi
  • Reverend

3. Plus 1: Guest name only on the outer envelope. Put “and Guest” on the inner envelope.

  • Miss Mallory Brody (outer)
  • Miss Mallory and Guest (inner)

4. Kids??: Address the outer envelope: The Sandler Family

  • Mr. and Mrs. Sandler
    Sadie and Sunny 


  • Mr. and Mrs. Sandler
    Miss Sadie
    Miss Sunny

5.  Unmarried Couple but live together: there are no ‘rules’ on this. Usually the female goes first, however others will address alphabetically by last name… respectively.

  • Miss Sophie Jones
    Mr. Justin Smith
  • Mr. Shea Brown
    Miss Natalie Taylor

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