Submit Your Wedding!

You know ya want to share your photos & stories. Please email your pictures & stories to Just please be sure to:

1. have permission from/credit your photographer(s). If no credit is given, your pictures will not be uploaded!!!

2. information: your name, fiancé’s name, date and location of your wedding.

3. images: 1-50 images of your favorites.

4. vendors: ALL vendors must be given credit!

Please include vendors of attire, florists, bakery, etc. Thank you!

We’d love pictures of all wedding styles ie. cultural, green, DIY, platinum, budget friendly.

I’ll start… All photos were taken by Kendal of Kendal J. Bush Photography . We got married at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf this past August.

gown: by Liv Harris from VOWS Bridal Outlet


florist: Winston Flowers

cake: Montillo’s

topper: Gauge Inc.

flowers: homegrown


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