Wedding Timeline

12-18 Months Prior

  • tell your friends & family
  • select a tentative date
  • decide on a budget… who’s contributing towards the wedding? parents or just yourselves? what can be spent & where?
  • start a binder… 2 ways: buy one from B&N or buy a 3-ring binder and tabs to be organized. Look through a variety of magazines such as: Home & Garden, Interior Decorating, Travel, Garden, etc. These can help inspire a style for your wedding
  • guest list… make a spreadsheet, include room for contact info. Want to cut costs? Then you’re gonna have to cut that list!
  • hire a wedding consultant, if so desired
  • start looking for the ceremony & reception venues… are you having 2 separate locations or 1?

9-12 Months Prior

  • finalize the venue(s)
  • wedding party… who’s in?
  • ‘the gown’… once you’ve decided on the wedding style it’s time to go shopping!
  • photographer & videographer… don’t skimp in this department!! The event will go by so fast you’ll want something to look at to remember. Research, meet with as many needed. Then hire.
  • personal wedding website… there are many free sites & they are very helpful to both you & your guests. Most guests go to the website to see registries & wedding location before invites are received.

6-9 Months Prior

  • save-the-dates… printed or email, either way make sure the out-of-towners have plenty of notice, especially those in another country.
  • music… make lists of songs you must hear & are absolute NO’s
  • food tastings… hors d’oeuvres, dinner, cake
  • flowers… meet with a few different florists, bring pictures of your wedding palette & anything else you may want to show.
  • finalize the bridal party’s attire… the orders need to be put in soon. Most dresses come from China thus why once the dress(es) are made, take forever to get to your bridal boutique.
  • reserve transportation, if needed
  • hotel accommodations… for your out-of-towners
  • honeymoon!!… research locations & pricing. where would you & your wedded spouse like to go… then make the plans, YAY!

4-6 Months Prior

  • finalize all remaining wedding attire
  • purchase wedding bands
  • order the cake
  • order all stationery & printed items… invites, programs, favor boxes, thank you cards
  • registry… this is time to have fun! Take your guest list & double it… that’s the minimum amount of gifts you ‘should’ register for. Make sure the price range has a large variety.
  • help the mothers select their attire
  • vacation time from work!
  • order bridal accessories… veil, shoes, jewelry

2-4 Months Prior

  • mail those invites!… check the postage for abnormal shapes
  • confirm wedding attire delivery dates!!
  • order & purchase ceremonial accessories… ring pillow, aisle runner, guest book, etc
  • order wedding party gifts
  • vows & readings… confirm with the Officiant unless writing own

1 Month Prior

  • final fittings
  • hair  & make-up… schedule trials. More than 1 may be needed, with different stylist/artists.
  • re-confirm delivery times… cake, flowers, etc
  • reservations for the rehearsal dinner
  • marriage license… apply & obtain. Usually there’s only a 3-4 business days turn around time from when the application is submitted to when the license is ready to be picked up.
  • name change… items needed: certified marriage license to even begin. Next stop recommended, social security because it will be much easier to change names with the new card.

1 Week Prior

  • start packing for the wedding & honeymoon
  • notify reception venue of final head count
  • hair colored & trimmed

The Day Before Mr. & Mrs.

  • list for payment envelopes, including tips
  • head to the nail salon… mani & pedi
  • rehearsal & dinner… make sure everyone knows where their spot is & when they need to be ready. Have fun at dinner!
  • GET SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!

I Now Pronounce You Mr. & Mrs…

  • try your best to eat & drink something
  • take a lavender bath, very relaxing



  • clean & preserve your gown
  • preserve the bouquet
  • write & mail out thank you cards
  • meet with photographers to finalize any albums, canvases, prints, etc you may want

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